Board of Directors

The nine members of the Board of Directors are appointed by the Commissioner of Insurance. Five of the directors are required to be officers or employees of member insurance companies licensed in Texas, and three of these five must be from a company that is one of the top fifty premium writers in Texas. The remaining four must be ‘public’ directors that are independent of the insurance industry. Directors are appointed to six year terms with the terms of three directors expiring every two years. Directors can serve unlimited multiple terms. A director receives no compensation but is entitled to receive reimbursement of expenses related to Association activities. A specific personal financial statement must be filed annually by each director with the Texas Ethics Commission. The Board and the Association are governed by statute, its Plan of Operation and its Bylaws.

There are regular quarterly meetings of the Board each year in Austin, plus special meetings as may be required.

The current Board of Directors are shown below:

CHAIR – James G. Lewis (Small Company Representative)
President & CEO
Central Security Life Insurance Company
Director since 2008; Current term expires September 2025

VICE-CHAIR – James M. Harrison (Large Company Representative)
Counsel, Government Relations
Principal Financial Group
Director since 2007; Current term expires September 2027

SECRETARY – James E. Huckaby (Public Representative)
Executive Director – Operations/Risk Management
Mesquite Independent School District
Director since 2013; Current term expires September 2023

TREASURER – Dean Frigo (Public Representative)
Retired City Government Executive
Director since 2007; Current term expires September 2025

Ted Kennedy (Large Company Representative)
Vice President, Co-Head State Government Affairs
American International Group, Inc.
Director since 2015;  Current term expires September 2023

Pati McCandless (Large Company Representative)
Vice President, State Health Policy
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
Director since 2017;  Current term expires September 2023

David W. Sommer (Public Representative)
Professor of Risk Management
St. Mary’s University
Director since 2017;  Current term expires September 2027

Vacancy – Small Company Representative

Vacancy – Public Representative

B. Shelby Baetz
Counsel to the Board
The Baetz Law Firm

Jacqueline Rixen
Counsel to the Association

Bart A. Boles
Executive Director